Beautifully Restored Tables

Improve your event with our tables

Bar Billiards tables throughout the country are antique pieces and deserve much love and care in their preservation. The more care lavished on a table the better playing experience for you.

Our tables have been painstakingly restored to ensure they are in wonderful condition for your event. Your players will love playing in competition standard conditions on the very best Bar Billiards tables we have to offer.

The AEBBA Table Hire service offers tournament organisers the opportunity to utilise this wonderful table set along with a full set of wrap around services to ensure your event experience is both enjoyable and memorable for all participants.

Dave Alder
Tournament Director
Dave runs all of our events operation as well as the table hire function. Dave will liaise with you regarding your requirements, ensure that tables are delivered, set up and collected. In addition, Dave runs the majority of All England events.
Nigel Senior
Assistant Tournament Director
Nigel is a specialist at formatting events. He has created event formats and running orders for every type of competition and will be happy to assist to ensure your event is attractive to players. Nigel also manages the Ranking Points, newsletters, website and anything else - he is so willing!
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