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All England Bar Billiards Partnerships

Offering sponsorship value and supportive partnering

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Partnering and sponsorship is a key element underpinning our activities. Our highly valued partners help to ensure that anyone can enjoy this great game and that it does not become lost to UK audiences. We offer our partners a range of sponsorship opportunities to best fit their brand awareness objectives.

We are fortunate to be able to offer significant reach across the UK and with live streaming of our events we can now attract a global audience.

Take a look at our sponsorship options below and contact us to discuss how we may be able to provide an effective partnership with you.

Your brand, our platform
AEBBA offers a range of advertising options which include advertisements on our online services (website, social media, streaming). The strong local and national community identity of Bar Billiards resonates with brands that value the tradition of community engagement.
Event sponsorship
Support competitions in your region
There are many competitions across the country and we offer display advertising sponsorship opportunities at every event. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Bespoke Partnering
Providing support and services
With a comprehensive cuesports operation our players rightly demand the highest standards of equipment and playing conditions – we love working with top cuesports brands. Contact us to find out more.

Find out more about our wonderful partners

Why partner with All England Bar Billiards

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Working with committed and valued partners will ensure that Bar Billiards continues to thrive in an ever competitive market place. We have found a very attractive niche alongside brands who see themselves as part of a local or national community. With a range of opportunities in 2018 we are well positioned to establish many new great relationships and shared rewards.

Lorin Clough, AEBBA Secretary

We have lots of ideas about partnering with All England Bar Billiards

Why not contact us now and we will get the conversation started!